Mindful Mountain Counseling
Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one
wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver



Mindful Mountain Counseling is based in Reno, Nevada, where the Great Basin rises steeply into the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Mindful Mountain provides compassionate, intelligent, and creative counseling to individuals and couples facing challenging life issues.

My mission is for every client to move closer to balance, health, and wholeheartedness; and for every couple to rediscover their potential for deeper connection and intimacy.

I keep my counseling practice small and focused in order to provide each of my clients with my full and undivided attention and a customized approach to health and healing.








Mindful Mountain provides marriage and couples counseling, as well as mental health counseling for issues such as anxiety, depression, anger, grief and loss.

Whether you are struggling to save a marriage or relationship, facing the loss of a loved one, or trying to overcome anxiety or depression, counseling with an experienced, empathic professional can make a world of difference.

Every human being will eventually face adversity in life. One can simply bear it and try to numb the pain; or one can take a courageous leap of faith that leads to healing, growth, and change. 

To schedule an appointment, please call (775) 241-3562 or fill out the contact form.


My/our experience with Colin has been a very helpful process to create necessary healing. His approach is very much as he describes on his website. I love his empathetic approach and focus on relationship dynamics so that we can increase our awareness of our personal and inter-relational patterns in order to make adjustments and enable greater understanding to foster better connections. His style blends a good mix of intuition and clinical approach by bringing in his wealth of knowledge of books, poetry, and even personal experience to enhance understanding of challenging topics. Colin is well-suited for either couples or individual therapy. He also seems to be equally in tune to the needs of men and women. I couldn’t recommend Colin more highly!
— Sara