Feedback-Informed Treatment

Within the healthcare world there has often been criticism of the lack of efficacy regarding mental health counseling. Although the evidence is remarkably clear that psychotherapy as a whole is more effective than pharmocology, the general public has come to rely more on prescription drugs than on counseling to treat psychological distress, with marginal results.

Part of the reason for this lack of trust in psychotherapy has to do with treatments that yield poor outcomes. The stereotypical scenario is that of a client seeing a counselor for years with little or no trace of improvement in mental health.

At Mindful Mountain you will not find yourself in never-ending therapy wondering if the money you are spending is making any difference. I use Feedback-Informed Therapy (FIT) to engage clients in the process of determining what is and what is not working in the therapeutic process. Specifically, FIT involves routinely soliciting feedback from clients about the process of therapy, the working relationship with the therapist, and the client’s overall well-being. The evidence supporting FIT is overwhelming, with clients engaged in feedback exercises with their therapists showing twice as much improvement as clients who did not.

If the feedback determines that the specific treatment is not working for you, I will make changes to the process to ensure improvement; or, if necessary, help refer you to a therapist that may be a better fit.